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Twilight. By Stephenie Meyer

Twilight. The phenomenon thats got everyone screaming “I LOVE YOU EDWARD!” I cant lie. I am honestly in love with the saga myself. just not like that. So in this romantic teen vampire novel, 17 year old bell faalls in love  with 120 something year old Edward. sick right? Its not until the second book that he finally dumps her. The freak probly thought someone would notice the age difference and call the authorities on the pedifile. So back to book 1.  Edward and Bella try so hard to be together without Eddy malling her when they kiss. Ya know… I kind  of feel bad for poor Bella.  Everything about Edward “invites her in” As he puts it. It’s manipulation and it’s not fair. Seriously Edward, go pick on someone your own breed. other than all the stuff i’ve listed above, twilight was an exeptional book. Even the super suspenseful fighting scene at the end was ok. Even though it wasn’t  a real fight. Bella was  just sitting there while James  very nearly killed her. all in all, it was goodish.


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