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New Moon. By Stephanie Meyer

New Moon. The crappy follow up to Twilight. I’m positive Meyer could have done alot better than this. But whatever.  So for the first chapter or two, bella whines and complains an how much she needs to become a  vampire an h on and on about how sexy and protective  Edward is to her. That really gets annoying. Of course at the begginning he dumps her and moves. Shes in a lonely slump FOREVER. It was getting me really ticked off. I’ll admit that i was crying when he dumped her. I was so sad that i skipped like three chapters. Oopsies. Whatever. The story sucked without Edward. I started reading again when bella and jacob are best freinds again. I was only remotely interested again when Bella found her sexy stalker. Suicidal teenagers these days.GOSH.. So finally found the end with a sigh of releif. Everyone is happy when carlisle agrees to make bella a vamp after graduation. Except Edward that is.  bella turns down Edwards proposal for fear becoming white trash. i’ll post more soon….



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